Why Dubai?

Why Dubai?

Dubai is a city within the United Arab Emirates and the financial centre of the Middle East. It boasts a zero percent crime rate, zero percent tax. It is known for having the some of the highest quality of life, there is no surprise that Dubai holds the top 4 position for most visited cities in the world, with some of the biggest spenders residing here.

Home to the world's tallest building, The Burj Khalifa and the iconic Palm Jumeirah, Dubai truly has established its position in the world as a Global Capital. With over 80% of the Dubai's population constituting of expats, over the last decade Dubai has seen an influx of foreign investment due to offering the highest rental yields in the world, flexible interest free payment plans and award winning top property developers in the UAE.

Why should you invest in Dubai?
Dubai is rated as one of the world's top 10 best places to live, according to a study by leading advisors in real estate, tourism, and economic development, Resonance Consultancy. New Investments offer an unrivalled collection of apartments and villas in Dubai's most vibrant and prestigious communities, such as Dubailand (Dubai South), Business Bay (Downton Dubai) and Sheikh Zayed Road, along with the Marina and many more. Whether you decide on Dubai due to the UAE's recent ranking as second safest country in the world (by Which? Travel), the newly established Ministry of Happiness, which is solely concerned with elevating Dubai residents' happiness levels, or its booming tourism industry (Dubai attracted a record 15.92 million visitors in 2018; set to increase to 25 million by the Expo 2020 Dubai mega event); the number of reasons to consider profitable properties for sale in Dubai are infinite and we are delighted to be your guide. Investors also choose Dubai for property investment due to its low taxation, high rental yields (some of the highest in the world) and freedom of doing business. With the huge increase in tourists and business travellers to next year's Expo, 70% of the 25 million coming from overseas, this is the perfect time for you to consider investing in apartments, hotel rooms and villas in Dubai.

Expo 2020 Dubai
Preparations are already well underway as Dubai gears up to host the World Expo 2020, which experts say will boost the city's economy by a staggering $23 billion. The World Expo is a prestigious global event that takes place in a chosen host city every five years. It serves a major meeting point for new technology and ideas, as well a platform for economic, social and sustainable development. Under the theme "Connecting Minds, Creating the Future", World Expo 2020 will inspire speakers, participates and visitors to consider the future and how we can all make a difference with 25 million tourists and business visitors expected, 70% of which will come from overseas.

Open and free system
Open economic policies, minimal government control and private sector regulation have played an instrumental role in attracting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).

Strategic location
Dubai sits at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa, providing easy access to many of the world's fastest growing emerging markets.

Convenient payment plans
Interest free payment plans designed to keep investor ease in mind, providing the lowest upfront payments and construction linked payment plans.

World-class infrastructure
Dubai's vision to invest heavily in its transport, telecommunications and industrial infrastructure make it an attractive destination for investment.

Dubai is free from Income Tax for residents and there's no Value Added Tax (VAT) levied on residential property for investors, making it a very attractive destination in terms of lifestyle as well as investment.

Relaxed visa rules
Purchasing a property worth at least Dh1 million now allows the investor to apply for a residency permit. Recently, the country implemented a law that allows 100 per cent foreign ownership of companies, followed by the introduction of a 10-year residency visa for investors and specialists.

Higher yields
Dubai offers an average yield - Return Of Investment (ROI) of 6-8 per cent, better than the average yield in international property markets such as Hong Kong (3 per cent) and Singapore (4 per cent). Investors who have no intention of living in a property and just want to take advantage of Dubai's relatively high rents, purchasing now makes financial sense.

Regulatory framework and transparency
Dubai's real estate market is one of the best-regulated in the GCC with the government having adopted several measures such as the escrow regulation, rental cap, rental increase calculator, and a rental dispute settlement centre.

Diversified economy
The non-oil sectors generate 70 per cent of the UAE's GDP; this is expected to reach 80 per cent by 2021. Dubai's non-oil sector contribution has already reached 95 per cent.

Political stability
The UAE remains politically stable due to its visionary leadership that works towards development in economic, social, cultural, environmental and political domains.

Global connectivity
Dubai is a leading multimodal transport hub. Catering to 8.2 million passengers per year, Dubai International Airport is among the world's busiest.

Population growth is one of the greatest gains of investing in Dubai with people from all over the globe moving here. By 2020, the overall population will reach 3 million with people from more than 200 different countries. As a property investor, you can take advantage of this population growth and benefit from increasing demand.

Dubai Statistics

  • 30.1 MILLION occupied room nights in 2018
  • #1 Busiest international passenger airport
  • 15.9 MILLION annual international visitors
  • $29.7 BILLION - #1 worldwide for visitor spend
  • 26% projected growth in visitors by 2020