Off-plan Residential Property In Dubai

Off-Plan Property - The beauty of the off-plan property market is that it is Dubai's best performing real estate sector. Plus, there is always something fresh and exciting being launched in the region, so your options are endless. You can never go wrong putting your money in an off-plan property, as there's no need to pay in one shot. Typically, developers offer extremely attractive payment plans to provide you with convenience and flexibility. In fact, in several cases, you can purchase an off-plan property in Dubai in monthly and/or quarterly instalments, get ownership, and still keep paying for the remaining balance for four to five years.

Purchase a Residential Property in Dubai - Did you know that residential properties are the most in demand among people who want to own a property in the city? The beauty of these properties is that they offer a great rental income.

Let's check out their different types below.

  • Purchase an Apartment in Dubai - This region is home to some of the tallest and most awe-inspiring skyscrapers in the world. Hence, this offers an endless option of wide-ranging apartments to select from. However, keep in mind that various types of apartments offer various benefits to a buyer or investor.
  • Purchase a Townhouse/Villa in Dubai - The city is teeming with exclusive communities that offer townhouses and villas. If you prefer to purchase a villa for investment, this means your tenant will most likely be a family that consists of several members. Since these tenants stay for a long period of time, you can reap the benefits of a steady rental income without worries about searching for new tenants each year.
  • Purchase a Studio Apartment in Dubai - You're in for some real treat if you choose to invest your money in studio apartments, as these are the best-selling properties in the city. Given that these are smaller in size (400 - 550 sqft), the value of investment is also low (anywhere from £90,000 to £110,000). Studio apartments are a favourite among investors because they offer high rental yield and are extremely easy to sell given that there are several takers in the market.
  • Purchase a 1-Bedroom Apartment in Dubai - If you are aiming to get high rental yields, then you should also consider investing in a 1-bedroom apartment as it ranks second after studios. It's never difficult to rent this apartment and there are several tenants interested. What's more, selling is easy.
  • Purchase a Two or More Bedroom Apartment in Dubai - Typically, two or more bedroom apartments are preferred by people purchasing property in Dubai for themselves. These are also in demand among those who intend to pay mortgage payment to the bank on a monthly basis instead of paying the rent and not getting any ownership rights to the property. While this is still an ideal option, it's not as lucrative as a 1-bedroom apartment or a studio.

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