About us

About us

The genius of New Investments was developed in the UK. The company has an impressive portfolio, which is marked by a comprehensive range of market leading real estate products and services. The office is located at heart of the UK and we look forward to setting out new offices at various peak locations throughout the UAE.

Since its inception in the UK, New Investments has been delivering outstanding results in the Property Brokerage industry. A highly motivated and investor focused team has been catering for the diverse needs of its international clients with strategic, tactical and creative solutions. We help our invaluable investors achieve their commercial or residential goals by seamlessly integrating inputs that are in sync with their challenges.

Our brand speaks to the deep-rooted relationship that has been driven by repeatedly exceeding the expectations of our investors through our innovative and world class solutions. Rowing down this stream of commitment and great service, we have built noteworthy association with DAMAC, EMAAR and more. We stand on the unshakable trust of our investors as we go the last mile to do things right and seek excellence in all we undertake.

We thrive in exclusivity - we are exclusive partners delivering the world's tallest hotel, we are carving our own identity that is characterised by a service aware and quality conscious clientele. As a disruptive relatively new entrant, we are breaking new ground using the might of our healthy capital base, unique services, and also strategic alliances with our developer partners. We are forward thinking and aim at harnessing both local and international markets. Our key priority that defines us is investor satisfaction...

Our Services

We are committed to assisting our investors to navigate through the uncertain terrain of real estate. A transaction with a New Investment agent is marked by excellence, empathy, unmatched sincerity, and well-informed decision making. We strive to ensure a high rate of return on investment. Our diversified portfolio has a catalogue of services which include the sales of residential and hotel new investments.

Our Achievements

We aim at breaking new grounds in the market, it is a corporate culture that vividly distinguishes our brand - we strive for excellence.

Our Mission

To serve our investors with the highest level of professionalism and integrity while keeping their interests as/at the utmost priority. Our deep-seated passion is to ethically create value, nurturing positive business relations, and being sustainable by promoting and honouring all our clients interests.

Our Vision

We creatively and ethically endeavour to be the ultimate choice for both buyers and sellers; we aim at ensuring value for a new investment in uncertain times.


To continuously strive towards Sheikh Muhammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum's vision of ensuring the UAE Real Estate Market is internationally renowned serving investors in an honest, just and sincere manner and dealing with all our employees, clients and associates with fairness and kindness.

The Talent at New Investments

Competency is an inevitable part of our organizational dynamics; our rapid expansion drive has been a product of the illustrious role being played by our highly effective members. They believe in a firmly established collective ethos of excellence. For them, real estate is all about customer satisfaction and making the whole process evolve from being a predictable ritual into an aesthetic experience. Below are some trivia about our team: We have a fully-fledged marketing and customer service team available 24/7 Our company has a multi-lingual crew with rare in-house talent in property selling, advising and brokerage A highly effective training and development team.

Why Choose New Investments?

At our organisation's core, are the vested interests of our invaluable investors. We ensure that in whatever form the property investments are made, our investors get the best returns. Our novel total quality management strategy has helped bring new approaches towards real estate management business. We offer the following benefits to our esteemed clients:

  • A highly dedicated workforce readily available to assist.
  • We handpick communities with only the very best properties of renowned developers.
  • A vibrant in-house pre-service and after service support for all our clients.
  • Safe investments that offer high ROI
  • An Up-to-date Real Estate solution
  • Transparent, certified and ethical business transactions
  • Premium, branded and high-end products at exceptionally affordable rates